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Monday, April 02, 2007

13 Months: Favorite Activities

Wow - life has been busy and time is short, but I wanted to share some of Alex's new favorite activities, inspired by Montessori publications, magazines, and philosophies:

-Putting toothpicks into the top of a spice jar / pens into empty bottles with narrow necks
-Putting large poker chips into empty wipes containers/box with a slit in the top
-Shape sorting
-Taking old credit cards/library cards out of a wallet (has yet to learn to put them in!)
-Washing hands in a basin
-Brushing hair
-Putting on sunglasses
-Listening to animal sounds and identifying them on picture cards
-Building block towers
-Playing with nested items (blocks, bowls)
-Sweeping or placing the dustpan right in the middle of my pile while I sweep
-Mopping (or really just swishing the mop around in a bucket of water)
-Talking on a disconnected telephone
-Taking a variety of small balls (ping pong, tennis, rubber, wooden) out of a muffin tin (and sometimes putting them back)
-"Playing" basketball
-Moving objects around with a plastic golf club
-Typing and writing (with crayons, magnetic doodler)
-Feeding our dog, Buster
-Helping with the dishes
-Using a spoon and fork to eat
-Walking up and down hills/over rough surfaces and climbing
-Reading familiar books

Would love to hear what others are doing with children of this age or older!

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At 8:53 PM, Blogger Mich said...

Welcome to the world of the toddler!!! It is soooo much fun!! (and rather exhausting!!) What? You want to hear about my toddler?? How much time do you have?? (remember, you asked)

Currently Megan's (at 20 months) all about necklaces, putting on her own shoes (and playing with I like to call her "shoe farm"--she can put on ANY pair of shoes), and handwashing (of course).

She's obsessed with dressing and undressing, and sitting (often going) on the potty. She's on the constant look out for airplanes, trains and birds. She would sit in the driver's seat of the car all day long if I would let her.

She gets her own plates and cups, and puts things in the sink when finished.

She is an absolute RIOT. These are truly the days to remember.

At 3:35 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Just found this blog and really enjoying seeing some practical ideas for employing Montessori ideas for older babies and toddlers. Also some great food for thought regarding parenting philosophies. Hope to see you posting again soon!

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Charissa said...


I'm a trained AMS Montessori Teacher (p-k) & a mother of a 10 month old girl, Eva. I've read & re-read Montessori from the Start but still feel at a loss of how to connect my daughter with age appropriate items/activities that meet her sensitive period right now. I've had a lot of success up until now.

She's very mobile, puts everything into her mouth still & shows no interest in sequences (putting balls into boxes/cups/holes). I'd love more education on how to give lessons with the infant Montessori materials. That may be why she's not showing an interest in the sequence of these objects (wooden egg & cup, wooden peg & cup, ball & cup, ball & box...). She takes them apart, rolls around on the floor with them & puts them in her mouth. I show her how to use them a couple times then let her use them how she wants. Seems like I'm doing it wrong. Any tips?

The items I have out on her shelves no longer interest her and I'm stumped on what to put out next. Used to be that I could put out rattles and real object from the kitchen or around the house for her to explore independently. Now those types of items only interest her for a few minutes if at all. Any tips on what has worked for your child at this age (9-12 months)?

I'd also love to expand my Montessori literature resources too so if you could point out your favorite books/blogs/websites of how to raise children under the age of 3 using Montessori techniques I'd be so appreciative!

My favorite blogs that I currently follow are:
Sew Liberated
At Home With Montessori
The Secret of Childhood
Montessori Baby
A Bit of This and a Bit of That

Thank you,
~ Charissa :)


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