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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update: Language Development

Recently, I wrote a post about the wooden letters I placed in a basket in Alex's room. Over the past month or so, I have been saying the letter sounds whenever he picked one up and explored it. Very recently, his interactions with the basket of letters changed. Our basket currently contains M, B, and S. Now, when he sees the basket he repeats the sound "muh" "muh" "muh" as he pulls out letters and shows them to me. As he pulls them out, I say the sound of the letter he's holding. I haven't yet noticed a pattern - if he stops when he reaches the "match" or if he is at all purposeful in which letter he chooses to take out - but will keep observing.

Alex has also begun to communicate through signs. So far, he seems to be only signing nouns ("light" "dog" "music" "water"), perhaps with the exception of "all done." He seems so excited to be able to tell us something. Interestingly, his sign for "light" also seems to be a sign for "what is this?" or a sort of go-to sign for anything unknown but interesting. It's an exciting new development and I look forward to seeing what else he will pick up in the coming weeks.


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